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W293: Communicate with Your Members (and Prospective Ones Too!) via a Feedback Loop

Boardroom Audience Disorder (BAD). We’ve all experienced it — those around the conference room table know just what is needed and how “it” should get done. This is certainly part of the equation! Listening directly to your constituents matters too however and combining this feedback with your own institutional knowledge is a win-win strategy. Even more, what if there is a failing member experience that isn’t on your radar? Join us to discuss these concepts, solution suggestions, and more and earn a coveted “we listen” reputation.

  • Learn the importance of listening to your audience, especially via in-time feedback of their experiences with your organization.
  • Learn how to meld feedback into your organization’s governance, improving the member experience (and retention!)
  • Learn ‘asking for feedback’ tips to ensure you’re asking the right things at the right time!

Presented by: Adam Hostetter, CEO, FUSE Search; and Terry Nawrot, Co-Founder/CEO, Insightpath

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