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W292: Your Knowledge-Base Isn’t Just ONE System — It’s All Of Them

For a long time now with associations the narrative has centered around: Bring all our content into one central location and go from there. A more effective approach is to leave your content where it is and let your search tool find it where it lives. When associations define all their content sources as one knowledge-base, the impact can be profound. Their audiences will understand that they are the global information resource and look to them for learning, community, and leadership.

  • How your AMS, LMS, CMS, videos, podcasts, journal/magazine articles, job board, etc. form your knowledge-base, and that’s a good thing!
  • Explore how the normalization of content and taxonomy — manually or using AI processes — prevents ‘lost in translation’ member (and prospective member!) experiences.
  • Let your systems do what they do best while consumers of their respective knowledge enjoy an aggregated and consistent content discovery experience.

Presented by Johnny Clayton, Chief Growth Officer, FUSE Search, Adam Hostetter, CEO, FUSE Search, David Schulman President, Associations Rewired

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