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W243: Leading Your Internal Team Through Major Technology Projects

A successful technology implementation project depends on more than just the technology you select. It also hinges on how well your internal team partners with your chosen vendor. That partnership has to be managed – often on top of the existing full-time job that your internal project lead already has. If that project lead is you or someone you’ll be supervising, you’ll want to attend this session to hear from Fíonta’s association and project management experts. Our panel offers strategy and advice based on their collective experience with hundreds of association technology projects. We’ll have time to answer your specific questions too! In this session, we’ll:

  • Offer strategies for successful internal project management for technology projects.
  • Talk about how to set and reinforce realistic expectations for the project for key stakeholders/team members as an internal project team lead.
  • Discuss how to vet which vendor’s project management practices are the best fit for your association, and what kind of support you should expect from a qualified partner.
  • Develop a high-level plan for internal project management for technology initiatives.
  • Create a list of expectations from internal project stakeholders/team members.
  • Build criteria for evaluating which partner offers the project management expertise and methodology that best fits your team and needs.