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W240: Representation Matters: How to Use Video to Create More Inclusive Cultures


Associations are uniquely positioned to create more diverse, inclusive and equitable cultures, both within the organization and throughout the entire industry. By lifting up the voices of real people, and especially those too often left out of the conversation, associations can move beyond written DEI statements and deliver long-lasting impact. In this course, we’ll walk through real-world examples from association leaders who are implementing these ideas and discuss best practices for gathering, editing, and publishing content that is more representative and inclusive of your diverse community.



  • Learn how to summarize the process of planning, executing, and optimizing user-generated video campaigns to support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.
  • Learn how to assess the organization’s current campaigns to identify areas of opportunity to include more diverse voices and perspectives
  • Learn how to identify best practices for identifying video contributors, gathering the content, and deploying it across marketing channels

Presented By: Chad Alger-Hardt, Vice President of Marketing, Gather Voices