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W204: 3 Ways to mine your AMS data to create and execute a profitable member engagement strategy (with minimal staff time)

You’re probably sitting on a goldmine of data and don’t even realize it. In fact, now more than ever, associations are collecting mountains of data but don’t have a data strategy to actively drive member growth. Many times, association leaders feel as though they’re drowning in information with no real way to leverage it to solve their most pressing questions. Instead, they get bogged down with worries about the data itself, effectively blocking them from using it to help them increase growth and member retention. Ask yourself: Have I had one of these questions in the past 6 months? Is the data I have useful or even reliable? How do I go about getting the data out of our systems in the first place? With all this data (or “lack of data”), how do I use it to make change for the better? How can I offer better courses, incentives, or services to my members? Why are my members leaving? How can I get more of them to renew their membership? Where can I cut costs? What systems or services are wasting time and money? Presented by: Thomas Altman, Founder, Tasio

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