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W200: Integration Platforms: A more strategic approach to connecting your data

Most associations are leveraging multiple systems to engage with members. But having multiple systems means that there are multiple data sources out there that are not connected. This leads to inaccurate data and frustration for customers who must repeatedly enter the same information to engage with associations. At the same time data integrations that directly tie one system to another can leave associations with a web of data that is not always consistent. Instead, associations should be taking a more strategic approach to their data by evaluating if they need an integration platform to support their integrations and ensure they are set up for long term success. This session will introduce the concept of an integration platform, discuss the pros and cons of implementing such a system, and provide some steps to take if an integration platform is right for your organization. Presented by: Hans Stechl, Founder, Meta-Dao, Justin Burniske, MBA, Senior Director, Consulting, Meta-Dao