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S504 Summer Symposium- Yours, Mine and Ours: Exploring the Many Facets of Cybersecurity Awareness


Are you feeling paralyzed by all of the cybersecurity buzz in the industry? This is not relegated as an ‘IT only issue” – Business Owners play a key role in ensuring that your associations’ operations are as secure as possible.  Join DelCor’s Director, Cybersecurity Operations, Andrew Leggett, to demystify the nerd word and provide practical strategies to mitigate, transfer or accept cybersecurity risks.



  • – Evaluate your current security architecture against industry standards.
  • – Gain insight into possible next steps in advancing your organization’s IT security.
  • – Explore “IT Tradeoffs” to reduce technical management in exchange for vendor management.

INSTRUCTORS: Andrew Leggett, Director of Cybersecurity Operations, DelCor


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