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S502 Summer Symposium- From Legacy to Modern: Updating Systems for New Technology and AI


Are you looking to modernize your association or non-profit’s technology platform? With hybrid work becoming the new norm for many, effective hybrid collaboration is more important than ever. The pandemic jump-started an already existing trend towards remote and hybrid models of work, and there’s no sign that it’s slowing down.

While hybrid work is preferred by many employees and employers, it’s not without its challenges. Collaboration, especially asynchronous collaboration, remains a challenge. In addition, the increase in endpoints and personal devices being used remotely challenges the security of hybrid work.  Many organizations have been demanding increased functionality from their legacy software, but adding features and upgrades often requires significant investment.

With all these changes, organizations with an outdated legacy system can experience hindered productivity.  By utilizing modern technology and AI, you can take your organization from Legacy to Modern with the results of cost savings, increased efficiency and enablement so that you have more time on tasks at hand. You won’t just save money but also improve how quickly tasks can be accomplished. ML and AI are shaping the future of communications, and the number of AI tools we use in our daily lives has grown exponentially, and now people increasingly understand that AI and ML are the future.



  • – How AI/ML can do more with less and help move your organization from Legacy to Modern
  • – How to transition from legacy systems while remaining cost efficient and increasing productivity
  • – How to create efficiencies and demystify your options in modernizing legacy platforms

INSTRUCTORS: Ali Niroo, Managing Partner, Bridgepointe Technologies; and George Breeden, CAE, MBA, NREMT, CIO, Investment Company Institute (ICI)