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S302: 5 Steps To Selling Your Board of Directors on Your Required Technology Spend


Convincing the board to invest money, time and resources in technology is no small feat. It can be a nerve-racking task to have just one chance to present to not one, but multiple people, on the value of a technology upgrade to the organisation. How can you get the board on your side? There are two components to this challenge. In this session, I will discuss best practices for the board meeting itself. We will review the specific steps you should take before the board meeting even occurs, both while preparing a presentation and speaking with board members privately.  


  • Learn how to detail how managed IT services will affect your budget
  • Learn how to articulate the ongoing value of IT services
  • Learn how to provide the correct documentation to support your proposals.

Presented by Ali Niroo, Managing Partner, BridgePointe Technologies