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S301: Non-Profit Strategic Plans - Best Practices & Key Pitfalls


Associations of all shapes and sizes engage in strategic planning that often results the creation of a multi-year strategic plan. A meaningful strategic plan sets the Association’s priorities and focuses the leadership and staff on execution of those priorities. Many associations are so focused on the creation of the plan itself that the plan loses meaning and often aren’t executed. Through the implementation of best practices and the avoidance of common pitfalls every organization can create a meaningful strategic plan through a process that is right sized to fit their organization.



  • Understand key factors in developing and communicating a strategic plan.
  • Discussion on the impact your board composition can have on your strategic plan design and funding.
  • Discuss different ways strategic plans are funded.

Presented by Dave Keen, Chief Financial Officer/ Business Development, APTA; and Jennifer Brearey, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, AdvaMed