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Podcast W306: Using The Magic Of Modern eCommerce To Boost Member Engagement And Diversify Revenue

EP 306 | UST Education Radio

For decades, AMS systems have focused on usability of association staff first, leading to less-than-desirable member experiences. Meanwhile, eCommerce software has evolved at a tremendous pace and now offers amazing features and benefits for associations. Imagine what your association could do with a modern, integrated approach to eCommerce for selling membership, publications, registrations, donations, and products?   LEARNING OBJECTIVES

  • Understand the evolution of modern eCommerce and compare to AMS commerce
  • See real world examples of the shopping cart experience and the features available to associations
  • Learn how eCommerce can connect within your ecosystem of software

Presented by Jeff Horne, Co-Founder, CEO, Wicket, and Mel Cowell, General Manager, Wicket

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