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Podcast W299: 5 Easy Ways to Improve Strategic Planning Meetings and Retreats

EP 299 | UST Education Radio

Do you do long-term or strategic planning? Do you do retreats to plan your organization’s future? Whether you’re running planning meetings with a board, executive committee, a department, or a smaller team, don’t miss this engaging session. Fast, fun, and easy-to-apply, this workshop gives you five real ways you can improve your planning meetings. You’ll learn practical ways to turbocharge how participants look ahead, generate ideas, choose the best ones, and come to agreement. You’ll discover how to easily sift through products and services that are winners and losers. And you’ll take home techniques to run meetings that will make you and your organization more confident and capable. No lecture and no PowerPoint; this is learn-by doing where you’ll walk away with real tools you can actually use the next day.

  • Experience and learn 5 tools and techniques that improve planning meetings.
  • Understand the value of meeting templates and predefined structures.
  • Apply active, co-creative methodologies to your own meetings to increase effectiveness and engagement.

Presented by Lee Gimpel