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Podcast W296: How To Digitally Nurture Prospective Members

EP 296 | UST Education Radio

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Do all buyer journeys organically convert, or do they need a little “push” to move along the funnel? The “middle of the marketing funnel” can be notoriously long and arduous for digital marketers as prospects take their time “considering” if they want to further engage and eventually convert. Learn how to pull those future members deeper down into the funnel so they reach the “decision” stage a little quicker.   LEARNING OBJECTIVES:

  • Learn how to understand the basic structure of the marketing funnel
  • Learn how to identify techniques that help to drive nurture campaigns
  • Learn how to understand the data and technology required to deliver automated marketing campaigns

Presented by Aimee Pagano, Senior Digital Marketing Advisor at HighRoad Solutions.

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