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Podcast W294: The Digital Ecosystem Approach: How It’s Shaping The Future For Associations

EP 294 | UST Education Radio

Our ever-evolving modern world presents many unique challenges to associations and member management. But in a world of change, meeting and exceeding members’ expectations remains a top priority and leveraging best-in-class technology positions your association for success.

To achieve member satisfaction, associations must evolve their everyday tools by selecting software that integrates so they can leverage member data and track member engagement in real-time. When tools and technology are able to communicate and interact with one another, it creates a digital ecosystem. The digital ecosystem approach is the way of the future – and the present. It provides freedom and flexibility to choose tools and technology that work best for your association while facilitating a centralized hub for member data. In this webinar, Wicket Co-founder and CEO, Jeff Horne dives into this topic in more detail and provides practical examples so you can feel confident as you begin to form your digital ecosystem. Presented by

Jeff Horne, Co-Founder, CEO, Wicket

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