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Podcast W287: Best of Both Worlds: Mastering Hybrid Work Environments

EP 287 | UST Education Radio

As we continue to adapt to the ongoing pandemic, we can count on one constant: hybrid work is here to stay.

The Great Resignation is proving that employees have little tolerance for hasty returns to our offices. Employers, too, have seen that remote work doesn’t just work—it offers measurable benefits. Now the challenge for association leaders is this: maintaining productivity, security, and engagement as we settle into hybrid work. Join Heinan Landa (Founder & CEO) and David Campbell (COO) of Optimal Networks for a discussion on how your organization can refine its approach to hybrid work and capitalize on the benefits that both in-office and remote work have to offer.   About Optimal Networks Optimal Networks is a Rockville, MD-based IT company that helps associations advance their mission by way of thoughtful technology guidance and white-glove support. For three decades, clients have turned to Optimal when they are spending too much time overseeing their IT team, are worried about the security of member data, or are concerned their technology isn’t providing the flexibility that employees and members expect.

  • Learn how to engage and collaborate with members
  • Learn how to engage and collaborate with coworkers
  • Learn how to maximize productivity with both technology and thoughtful scheduling
  • Learn how to keep member data safe from anywhere

Presented by Heinan Landa, David Campbell