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Podcast W255: Reimagining Association Ecommerce: Exceeding High Member Expectations in Today’s Digital Age

EP 255 | UST Education Radio

Associations often struggle with e-commerce. Most understand that members and non-members have extremely high expectations in today’s digital age thanks to Amazon, Google, Target, etc. A common struggle is how to deliver that kind of experience, particularly when transactions happen in their AMS and other platforms that were not built to do so. Jake and Joe will talk about how to think of e-commerce and the use of traditional association platforms differently and show how to decouple the Store or Marketplace from legacy systems to provide a great buying experience for the user.

  • Comparing Best-in-Class e-commerce Experiences to Associations
  • Looking at your Membership Model to support great e-commerce and innovation
  • Technicalities in how to build your commerce site