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Podcast W244: Keynote Speaker Series: Solving the employee training, motivation and retention challenge

EP 244 | UST Education Radio

Solving The Employee Training, Motivation and Retention Challenge This pandemic crises has thrown everyone for a loop and in many cases, a very significant financial loss and for many, a large customer lose. There was no plan to get into this change, and there is no plan for coming out of it. This will help you adjust to the new normal, the ab normal. Business moves at the speed of trust – this is how to get there. For organizations that laid off or furloughed people, there will be a trust and engagement issue when they come back. There may even be a labor shortage in some industries, and that will drag down your company’s growth, performance, and profitability. Employees are ready to leave to find a more suitable job with better pay, benefits and promotional opportunities and less risk. Solidify your business customer care reputation by having engaged, enthusiastic employees. What do great managers know that average managers do not, when it comes to employee training, retention and motivation? Experience has shown that implementing a solid employee development process, which includes industry best practices, can drive productivity up by almost 40%, at little cost. Employees work for more than just money, you need to find out their biggest motivator. This is how to engage, inspire, educate, and empower everyone that will bring out their best every day, and at the same time, grow your company, and your reputation as an employer of choice. This is your opportunity to learn the key to retaining employees and accelerating the productivity of your talent. This webinar shows you how to define and set an exciting workplace destination and define leadership attributes that focus on the importance of trust at all levels, the power of excellence, understanding how to lead and develop employees, and how to initiate creativity and continuous improvement to that will drive up customer loyalty and sales. In this webinar, you will learn the two main causes of employee turnover and how to remedy it, and how to adapt the leadership characteristics of successful business leaders and coaches. When you apply the measurement tools that are available to leadership to help drive up performance in a win-win manner, you will create enthusiastic, engaged employees. – Be introduced to the most essential strategies coming out of the lockdown that engages, empowers and motivates employees – Implement the 5 fundamental qualities of leadership that inspire and engage your talent – Understand what really motivates employees, how to find out and support them – Model what sets exceptional leaders apart from poor performers – Be aware of the 5 crushing management mistakes that stop engagement – Learn the three questions to stop your good talent from leaving – Adopt the ‘5 Questions Survey’ to identify the productivity knowledge gaps in your leadership team – Identify the five levels of engagement – where do you and your employees stack up? – Explore the 4 Imperative to K.E.E.P. your employees and grow their capabilities – Review two self-tests on loyalty and retention, and one on how to coach and be coached – Review two self-tests on loyalty and retention, – Use the resource that shows you how to coach and be coached – Implement the one page “know all about your employee” form There will be several complimentary bonus resources offered at the conclusion of this webinar that fully support this educational offering. This workshop is proven, practical and performance based. The value of this workshop will go to your bottom line. Adopt the best question to ask anyone – anytime, on how to ensure the education session is implemented after the session: “Look at what you want to be, not what you are going to do.”

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