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Podcast W238: How to Co-Create Impactful Video Content with Event Attendees, Speakers, and Sponsors

EP 238 | UST Education Radio

The event landscape has totally changed. Many event planners are finding it challenging to reach the same levels of attendance and engagement at their live events as they did in the pre-pandemic world. That’s because event attendees’ expectations have totally changed. In today’s world, event planners must innovate and offer attendees unique, fun and memorable experiences in order to achieve the same impact. And, ensuring the engagement continues long after the event is over is paramount. With video, organizations are achieving these goals. Join Joel Resnik, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Gather Voices, Drew Holmgreen, Vice President of Brand Engagement at Meeting Professionals International, and Erica Kingler, Senior Director of Marketing from the Association for Accessible Medicines, to explore real world examples of how organizations are using authentic video content from real people to maximize the impact of their live events. Presented by: Joel Resnik, Chief Revenue Officer, Gather Voices; Drew Holmgreen Vice President of Brand Engagement, Meeting Professionals International; Erica Klinger, Senior Director of Marketing, Association for Accessible Medicines

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