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Podcast W198: Association/Nonprofit Board of Directors: Governance, Risk Management & Training

EP 198 | UST Education Radio

GKG Law’s Rich Bar will be the instructor for a U.S. Transactions Corp. webinar on Sept 8, 2021. Rich’s webinar, Association/Nonprofit Board of Directors: Governance, Risk Management & Training, is targeted to CEOs, COOs and CFOs. Attendees will learn how to better equip board members and directors for success in their roles; how to ensure the board continuously works to promote and obtain the mission of the organization; fiduciary duty considerations and challenges; and appropriate conflict of interest management. Further course description can be found below. One of the most important components of an association CEO/COO/CFO’s demanding role involves serving as a day-to-day conduit to the board. Boards comprised solely of volunteers sometimes don’t receive the comprehensive training needed to perform successfully. Too often, volunteer board directors don’t understand the full spectrum of fiduciary, contractual and legal duties associated with their role, or the risks and responsibilities involved when a perceived or actual conflict of interest arises. As a CEO/COO/CFO, what steps can be taken to avoid these potentially critical issues? Presented by: Rich Bar, Partner, Nonprofit Practice Leader, GKG Law

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