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Part 1/2: “The Power of Connection: The Foundations of Conversation”


In a world driven by relationships, the ability to engage authentically and meaningfully with others is a fundamental asset.

This session delves into the art and science of conversation, offering participants a transformative journey toward becoming adept conversationalists. The course focuses on honing active listening skills, fostering empathy, and mastering the dynamics of engaging dialogue.


  • Understanding Conversational Dynamics: Exploring the elements that constitute impactful and meaningful conversations.
  • Active Listening Techniques: Developing the ability to listen attentively, comprehend, and respond thoughtfully
  • Building Genuine Connections: Cultivating authenticity and rapport through conversation, fostering lasting relationships
  • Refining verbal and non-verbal communication to convey clarity, empathy, and understanding.

B223 – INSTRUCTOR: Kate Coffey, VP Marketing, UST

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