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M304: Hiding in Plain Sight – The CRM Functionality You Already Have in Business Central


There are a lot of high-powered CRM packages on the market, and the failure rate of CRM implementations is huge. If you already use Microsoft D365 Business Central and you are looking for a CRM solution, this session gives you an overview of functional you already own. Rather than purchase licenses for another product that has to be integrated into Business Central why not start with what you have and decide if you need more later?

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  • – Understanding that there is CRM functionality in Business Central
  • – Understanding the difference between Customers and Contacts in Business Central
  • – Identifying the functionality in Relationship Management
  • – Diving into some of the key functional areas of Relationship Management
  • – Providing an overview of remote access for the Sales Staff via Outlook

Instructor: Robb Delprado, Sr. Sales Architect, Accelerynt