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Fall Symposium: A Magic Wand For Member Retention

Session 2: (11:15-12:15 PM) A Magic Wand For Member Retention

Course Description:

Did you know that the more times a member renews, the less it costs to keep them? It’s likely you know member renewals are important. The real question is, what can we actually do to raise the chances that a member will want to stick with your association for the long-haul? While we’d all love to wave a magic wand to improve retention, sadly they don’t exist. However, the next best thing (and its pretty darn close) – is all your data! While associations often have access to many data points about what their members want, few are using effective data strategies to create targeted retention campaigns. Knowing why members join, why they stay, why they leave and what they value most is a bit of magic that can be vital to a great retention strategy. The only way to get this type of granular information is through analytics.

Speaker: Greg Pollack from Association Analytics

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