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C354: Having Challenges Providing Accurate Delivery Dates?


Do you have clients requesting a specific delivery date? Do you have the data you need to provide an accurate estimate?

See how order promising in Business Central can help.

 The order promising functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central can calculate order shipment and delivery dates based on an item’s known and expected availability dates. Accurate shipment dates can be provided, or if the customer requests a specific delivery date, Business Central can assess whether the delivery date is realistic using the Order Promising functionality within Business Central. Join us as we walk through this functionality and help you gain visibility into this crucial order information.  


Understand the fundamental concepts of order promising in Business Central

Set up order promising in Business Central

Use the promising sales order delivery functions

Use the Capable-to-Promise functions to replenish unavailable items

INSTRUCTORS: Robin Finnell, Application Consultant, Innovia Consulting

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