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B194: Boost Your Rankings: A Definitive 14-Step Guide to Performing an SEO Audit


Have you ever wondered what keeps your website from soaring to the top of search engine results? This 14-step guide can be a roadmap for a thrilling voyage, diving deep into the world of SEO audits!

Why Join Me?

Your website is waiting to be discovered by millions. Equip yourself with the tools and know-how to ensure it reaches the top of search engine results. Let’s set you on your SEO journey to be seen and heard.



What’s In Store for You?

  • – Learn how to decode the mysteries of search engine algorithms.
  • – Learn how to identify overlooked opportunities and hurdles on your quest for peak visibility.
  • – Learn how to acquire actionable insights and expert tips to elevate your website’s ranking performance.


  • – Learn the art of executing a comprehensive SEO audit.
  • – Discover a roadmap of 14 essential steps, each guiding you closer to ranking higher on search engines.

INSTRUCTOR: Jon Rivers, COO, Marketeery