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B191: Session 2: Navigating the Emotional Currents of Artificial Intelligence


Part 2 of 2 sessions – Discover the uncharted realms where artificial and emotional intelligence converge in our exciting session, “Navigating the Emotional Currents of Artificial Intelligence.” This session delves into the captivating exploration of intertwining human-like emotional understanding with the calculative precision of artificial intelligence. As we traverse through the waves of emotional recognition, expression, and empathy, we unveil the potential to augment user experience, decision-making, and interactive systems by imbibing AI with Emotional Intelligence (EI).


  • – “Understanding the Essence: Grasp the core principles of Emotional Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, appreciating their individual strengths and envisioning their symbiotic potential.
  • – Technical Ingenuity: Uncover the technical facet of melding EI into AI through data analytics and evolving algorithms capable of discerning emotional nuances.
  • – Real-world Implications: Explore an array of real-world applications, challenges, and future prospects of emotionally intelligent AI, underlining the imperative for ethical considerations and accurate emotional assessments.
  • – The course structure meticulously designed, ranging from introductory concepts to real-world applications, challenges, and future scope, ensures a comprehensive understanding. The engaging case studies and discussions around ethical considerations provide a holistic insight, preparing the participants for the emerging era of emotionally adept artificial intelligence.

INSTRUCTOR: Bill Mcglade, President, Community Leaders Institute & epIQ Creative Group; and Brad Weaber, Principal, Brad Weaber Consulting Group, LLC and Strategic Advisor to Community Leaders Institute

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