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B180: Next Generation, Networked-Based Marketing


Whether you are with a 501(c) nonprofit or your business supports them, marketing is the voice of your very existence. It’s how your audience knows your brand and message. With so many tools for email marketing, social media, CRM, graphic design and generative AI, marketing efforts are often frantic and scattered. That’s why marketing often falls prey to the classic spray and pray model. Associations and their industry partners are experiencing these same marketing challenges.  How can we begin to think holistically about taking our marketing strategies and focus on one marketplace in which to target your audience? Join the QiqoChat team to hear how an online, association-specific marketplace can allow for you to stay relevant, target your audience, and continue to build awareness about your brand while deepening relationships over time; chef’s kiss!


  • – Gain new insights to how marketing is evolving and how you can optimize your brand’s presence online.
  • – Learn how to market and share news & information within your trusted ecosystem of industry members & partners.
  • – Learn how an online marketplace can change how we connect, share information, and do business together.

INSTRUCTORS: Sandra Nam, CEO and Co-Founder, QiqoChat; and Lucas Ciofi, CTO and Co-Founder, QiqoChat Inc.