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B177: Future of Work Anywhere


This course is designed to help not-for-profits define the role of hybrid-work – in-office and remote work – in their organization and the best technology approaches to ensure security, productivity, collaboration and cost-effectiveness. You will learn about the “why” behind unified communications (UC), key features and benefits as well as the top considerations when selecting a UCaaS or collaboration platform. Finally, you will learn how to leverage Bridgepointe and Ali Niroo to help you evaluate and select the right technologies for your not-for-profit organization.


  • – What is the hybrid-work model and is it the future post COVID?
  • – What is PC-centric and why are organizations moving away from it?
  • – What are the security implications/threats associated with remote work?
  • – What is the best technology stack for a hybrid-work model?
  • – What are key features and benefits of unified communications (UC)?
  • – What are the top considerations for selecting a UCaaS platform?
  • – Why should you consider Bridgepointe for your UCaaS and collaboration?

Ali Niroo, Managing Partner, Bridgepointe Technologies; and Dave Hopper, Solution Architect, Bridgepointe Technologies

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