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B167: Leadership & Learning Series: Conscious Leadership: The 21st Solution for Employee Engagement


Today’s complex business environment demands radically different leadership. More than ever, employees crave deep connection, clear purpose, radical trust, and emotional safety. Your greatest leadership impact lies in the opportunity to elevate your leadership consciousness. Be the leader your employees deserve. Be the leader that re-defines excellence in your organization, and in your industry.


  • – What conscious leadership is and why its time has finally arrived.
  • – How to connect with and awaken your conscious leader through the i5 Conscious Leadership pillars: Intention, Identity, Integrity, Insight, and Inspiration.
  • – How to leverage your conscious leadership skills to engage your people, elevate their commitment to your organization, and achieve measurable increased employee engagement & commitment, and organizational growth.

INSTRUCTOR: Marissa Levin, CEO, i5 Conscious Leadership

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