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B163: Leadership & Learning: Leadership Development at the Executive Level


Executive leadership is a unique realm of leading. But developing exceptional executive-level leaders requires a distinct approach – one that goes beyond traditional methods. While many organizations have created leadership development programs for their staff or partners, few have dared to venture into the world of executive-level leadership. And even fewer have succeeded in a program that enlightens and empowers executive-level leaders.


Drawing from our experience developing and implementing our new Executive Leaders Academy, we will share the lessons we’ve uncovered. Join us as we discuss insights and practical strategies for connecting with these remarkable leaders exactly where they are and uncover what to look for when creating or participating in high-level leadership!



  • – Describe the key uniqueness of creating and implementing executive-level leadership.
  • – Communicate the need for leadership development, especially after reaching the executive level.
  • – Understand the importance of mentoring in executive leadership development and learn how to implement effective mentoring programs.
  • – Create an outline for executive leadership programming or a checklist to evaluate available opportunities.

INSTRUCTORS: Ryan MacTaggart, PhD, Associate Director, Professional Learning, EDUCAUSE; and Sarah Brinker-Good, Manager, Professional Learning, EDUCAUSE