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B155: Leadership & Learning Series: Business Succession Planning


If you have a business and there are no family members waiting to take over or an heir apparent waiting in the wings, what can you do? Selling your business could be the smartest and most viable option.

One of the most common reasons small and medium sized business owners lack any sort of succession plan is that they simply do not know where to start. In this presentation, Brian Goodhart, Capstone’s Director of M&A Advisory Services,  will guide you through the planning process using proven techniques for getting the maximum value for your business.



  • – Learn what type of transition is best for you and your firm.
  • – Is a family transition possible/preferred? If so, learn how you get started.
  • – Determine if a management buyout is on the table.
  • – The ESOP option.
  • – How to decide who should be involved with selling the business
  • – Learn when to start the process.
  • – Discover how current market decisions could affect the deal.

INSTRUCTORS: Brian Goodhart, Director, M&A Advisory Services, Capstone Strategic