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B141 : What is the Return on Investment (ROI) from Utilizing Asset Maintenance / Asset Management Software


By the end of 2023, 82% of enterprise decision makers will need to make critical decisions regarding the management of their enterprise assets. As organizations shift to more digitalized business models, choosing the correct Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system is key to their success. During this session, you will learn how an intuitive asset management and maintenance solution can streamline maintenance work processes, extend asset lifecycle, reduce operational costs—and boosts overall efficiency.



  • Understand why an Enterprise Asset Management solution is so important to your customers and the ROI you can achieve.
  • Learn why user adoption is key to the success of any asset management system and how to identify the winning features to make that happen.
  • Learn how to identify asset management opportunities based on different verticals and how to evolve the solution as the business grows.

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